The loan process

Main objectives

The Lending Journey will process, review, and approve a loan to individuals who:

  1. Have shown initiative in starting small micro-enterprises are looking for additional financing to help them improve their standard of living.
  2. Have met certain criteria as outlined in the application.
  3. Are socially and economically deprived.

The process

Our sponsors and supporters will be given the opportunity to sponsor a woman in Nicaragua and Ecuador, who is in turn part of a co-operative community initiative. The average loan is currently set at $300 USD.

Individual sponsors will make a donation to The David/Jonathan Project.

Recipient qualifications

The recipients of loans are those who:

  1. Are less fortunate
  2. Can demonstrate their destitute situation
  3. Have a business plan explaining their micro-enterprise and how they will repay the loan
  4. Have a commitment to abide by all regulations and procedures as outlined in the “Acceptance Agreement”
  5. Have a commitment to a training program, one night per week for 26 weeks


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