Hello, my name is Candida and I am a single mother living in Managua, Nicaragua. As you may be aware, many of the loans that are given out are to women like me, who are single mothers raising their children without a father. Many of my friends had received loans from The Lending Journey and had encouraged me that I could receive a loan as well.

To get a loan in Nicaragua is not that simple and unless you have good collateral it is very difficult. David and Eliett made it very simple as they tried help me out.I am a first time borrower and with the money they gave me I started a small restaurant business out of my home. I sell many Tortillas with meat filling. I start preparing early in the morning as people buy them on their way to work.I am hoping to pay off this loan quickly and then get a second loan to expand my business.

Thank you for your generosity in making this business opportunity available to us.