Day 2 and 3 of the ride- absolute euphoria as we passed over the line from Costa Rica into Nicaragua- I had my Rocky 1 music playing and was screaming Adrianne….Adrianne!!!!!!!


Day 2-first day of ride

What a blast!  I can not even begin to describe the euphoria I felt as we crossed over the line from Costa Rica into Nicaragua and began our bike ride.  As I shared with you before, so much planning and organizing and waiting and finally to begin the ride; I had my head set on and was listening to Rocky 1 and felt like I could ride a 100 miles!!!!  Does it get any better than that.  The bike ride yesterday was about 90 Kl. and by the end of the day we arrived in Nandime (sp) a  Small town with no internet.

Day 3- 2nd day of Ride

The day started off with a bang as David hit a motorcycle with the pick-up truck.  What makes the story more interesting is that there was a man on it)  We pedalled for about 1.5 hours and then stopped for breakfast in the Oldest city in all of Latin America GRANADA. (Stefan lost Jan, we didn’t notice until we were eating breakfast)  What a beautiful spot to stop for a bite.  After that it was just a pretty steady up hill climb.   Erica one of our borrowers from San Benito road with us and stuck it out the whole day.  She was pretty scared as the big transports whizzed by only millimetres away from us.  What a trooper.  We have an amazing team put together to make everyday work out just right.  Enough for now