Day 7-Being inspired by their words


It seems like I am the only one who is sending pictures out late and if this one has been already posted I apologize.  So often when I bring Canadians with me on trips to Latin America they have in mind how they are going to be able to help, to make a difference.  But more often than not, my experience has  been that they return home more blessed than when they left and they recognize how much they can learn from listening and watching people of another country another culture.

Erica the woman in between myself and Lisa is one of these such people that needed to be listened to.  Her and her Husband Osmaldo had left Managua and moved to the village of San Benito a few years ago.  To give you some context, for those who may not follow The Lending Journey, San Benito does not have paved roads, San Benito does not water services, San Benito has very limited electricity.  It does not have  any type of drainage and this is just the beginning.

But Erica and her husband moved there to begin a small church for a poor community in need.  Their little church now has classrooms to offer schooling for young children and Erica is one of the teachers.

Erica has an Avon business with us and does very well, but if you asked Erica what her goal is in life she would say to create a better life for her children and to be an instrument of inspiration and transformation for her people.

If any of you would ever like to join me on a trip to Nicaragua to be inspired by these amazing ladies please send me a quick note and we will make it happen.