Donald Hernandez

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Although The Lending Journey primarily supports impoverished women, it is not uncommon to give out a loan to a man as well.   This month’s story speaks to this need.  Donald Hernandez is 39 years of age, married and lives with his wife in Managua.
In his daily struggle to care for himself and his family, Donald was one day introduced to The Lending Journey.  Upon approval he was given a loan that he used to open a small grocery store where his wife could work while he drove a rented taxi in the morning.  After 2 more loans he found himself able to expand his business of selling soft drinks and other products.  It is his desire to purchase his own vehicle that he can use as a taxi,  in the hopes that this would generate more income.  With some of his profit he has been able to buy construction materials to improve their home.
In Donald’s own words “I am very grateful to the Canadian brothers and Sponsors in Canada for their support.  God bless you for your love for our Nicaraguan people.    Thank you very much.”