Doubt will always encourage you to abort the mission

Doubt is an ever present force that sits in the back row of your mind waiting for an opportunity to derail your belief.  Doubt, if allowed to move to the front row will tell you every reason why your new belief is doomed to failure.  Doubt will remind you of all of your past set backs and why you should abort the mission.

When we first envisioned the bike ride along the Pan American highway across Nicaragua my mind was filled with so many possibilities of what could be, I was in a dream frenzy!  But one challenge led to another challenge; we weren’t getting the sponsors that we had hoped for, doors weren’t opening to speak at schools, we weren’t getting the volunteers we needed to help.  In these moments doubt was very real but I refused to embrace it.  

In the very real moments of doubt bring you head back to the next step you need to take, “because you will find it’s easier to believe you can take the next tiny step rather than have your head spinning with the whole journey ahead.”  “And when you think about it, you can only take one step at a time…and one step at a time is all that every successful person took.”