Dreaming invites you into the world of struggle and accomplishment

Dreaming is a wonderful thing, because it invites us into the world of possibility, struggle and accomplishment. I am not a banker and do not consider myself a good numbers wizard. In fact, I failed economics in my first year at Brock University. But I dreamed of what it would look like to be a banker to the poor. That dream took reality a number of years ago with a small group of pastors in Northern Ecuador. Those first few loans were a complete disaster but I never gave up on the dream.

Why? Well, for a number of reasons.

I was surrounded by competent people who cared and wanted to help, I was surrounded by poor people who wanted to dream and succeed in owning their own business.

I was also prepared to engage in the world of “struggle and accomplishment.”  All great accomplishments in life do not happen without a struggle.  In fact what would life look like if we had nothing to strive for.  I loved the Greek myths, because at the end of a turbulent adventure I got to rejoice with the hero.  Struggles make us enjoy the accomplishment that much more!


Finally, I never gave up because  I believed in someone and something greater than myself. Today I am vested in another dream, a great struggle one that is worthy of accomplishment: 1,000 loans for 1,000 women. Pedalling Against Poverty.