Fatima Rodriguez

Fatima Rodriguez Story 2 Fatima Rodriguez Story 1Fatima Rodriguez is 35 years old, is married and has 4 children.  She lives in Santa Elena in Managua.  Because her husband’s salary is not able to cover all of the household expenses, Fatima approached The Lending Journey to get a loan in the hopes of starting her own business.  She was delighted and extremely grateful that she was approved for a $150.00 micro-loan, and thus began her journey of entrepreneurship.

Fatima’s business is three-fold.  She has invested in selling Avon products and her sales have been profitable.  Alongside this, she is also a seamstress, specializing in elaborate sheets and pillowcases, as well as operating her own used-clothing store.  With her determination and efforts, she is a great help to her husband, and they are now able to put their children through school and have necessary foods on the table.

Fatima wishes to thank The Lending Journey for offering this ‘ grain of sand’ to help them in their need.  In her own words “May God bless you greatly.  Thank you”.