Pedalling Against Poverty II has been cancelled. The information below is for archival purposes only.


Welcome to Pedaling Against Poverty II

  • Pedaling Against Poverty Pedaling Against Poverty On October 24, 2015 we will begin cycling 500km — uphill! — through Nicaragua, from Costa Rica to Honduras along the Pan-American Highway.

    Why uphill? Because the ride reflects the challenges our borrowers face every day and their resilience in keeping on keeping on.
  • Our goals Our goals Four women we lent money to will ride two days each with us. More than teaching someone to fish, you must join them at the table. Transformation happens when two or more work together!

    We hope that the seeds planted in the lives of those closest to us will change all of our lives.
  • The Lending Journey In 2003, The Lending Journey, a microfinance charity, began giving small loans to women so that they could start businesses in or close to their homes.

    A typical loan is between $100 - $300. We also provide the training that these women need to get their businesses off the ground.

    In 2010 we began work in Nicaragua, where the average income is only $2 – $4 a day.
    The Lending Journey
  • Work in Nicaragua Since then, we have given out hundreds of loans, provided numerous training sessions, and spent countless hours over small meals discussing self-confidence and worth.

    The satisfaction that these women feel when they open the doors to their small business and the feeling of accomplishment when they make the final payment on a loan is wonderful. And once a loan has been repaid, the money is recycled to a new loan recipient or to the same borrower to expand their business.
    Work in Nicaragua
  • Donate today Donate today We will be collecting funds until we launch in October.

    By contributing, help impoverished women understand that their worth is not the same as their net worth. What they have is not who they are.

    Click to donate now.



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