Great potential is threatened by bad self talk, and leads to unfulfilled dreams

I have many great memories about climbing Mt. Salkantay, but one stands out more than any other.  It was the end of the first day of climbing.  It was around 5:30 or 6:00 and we had just put up our tents.  The sun was setting, the wind  blowing fiercely and the temperature was dropping.  There were snow covered mountain peeks all around us and everything was unbelievably still.  Then all of a sudden in the distance there was a loud kaboom and a massive avalanche.  It was a spectacular sight, and we had front row seats.   I will never forget that moment, Scotty and I just stared at each other in amazement.

It was a dream come true to do the trip to Salkantay!, and it all began with the belief that we can. That belief was a loud ever present voice.  What is your voice speaking to you and are you listening?  Take time to listen to what you are saying to and about yourself.