Griselda Montiel

Griselda Montiel - StoryThis is the story of 39 year old Griselda.  She is a single mother currently living in San Benito.  She has 2 children.

When The Lending Journey came to her small community she was in a very difficult financial situation.  She was living in a very run-down wooden house that was in desperate need of repair, and she was struggling to feed her family.  Without any help and support from a man, she was overwhelmed in her ability to care for her children.  They were not being educated.  She was selling ice cream and soft drinks to make a living.

Griselda has been the recipient of 3 loans.  She has expanded her business and now runs a grocery store, which is very well stocked.  Her financial situation is very good now, and with the monies she was able to repair her house and provide an education for her children.

In Griselda’s words “Thank you to my brothers in Canada for your help.  I can say with testimony that my life has changed so much for me and my children. I am very thankful for your love and dedication to women like me.  Thanks to you I am independent.”