How to leverage your self-belief

I was asked recently, what fuels my dreams and visions?  I love good questions.

I think it begins with supportive family members but it doesn’t need to be that way.  When I was in high school I had a teacher named Randy Zeagman.  Randy took an interest in me and my life.  Because of his direction, interest and encouragement, I truly believe I am the man I am today.

I have told you about my good friend Scot Steele, we have been friends since grade school and still today remain good friends.  He has been a cheerleader in my life for almost 40 years.  So people, family, friends, co-workers, they can all fuel your self belief.

Fuel for my self belief has also come from people who inspire me; my biggest hero is a man named D.L. Moody.  His biography has inspired me more times than not.  Read books, that fool your passion.  A number of books have inspired me, I read constantly to be fuel my passion.  I will give you a couple of books, one old one new.  The Blind Side by Michael Lewis is a great book of inspiration, especially when I think about what that family did for Michael Orr.  A more recent book is called Unbroken written by Laura Hillendbrand.  It is the story of  Louis Zamperini and his incredible story of survival in a Japanese POW camp in world war two.

Movies are another means to leverage your self belief.  One that I have watched repeatedly is called Amazing Grace.  The story of William Wilberforce and his tireless efforts to end slavery.

“Make a list of who inspires you, and them write out what about that person inspires you.  is it their tenacity?  Is it how much they give?  Is it their bank account?  Is it their brand?  Is it what they’ve done to the world?  Then recognize that the thing that inspires you about that person is actually a part of yourself.”  — Mastin Kipp