How you do what you do is the true measure of character

So often people are concerned about what they will do with their lives. This is very important and a issue that comes up often with my children who are in their teens and early 20′s. Yes it is important, vitally. People should be encouraged to ask themselves, “what is it that I want to do with my life”? But what about the,”How”, How will I live out my life, How will I live out what I am called to do. So many of the women we work with have been abandoned by their husbands. These are men who did not think about fatherhood and how they would want it to be manifested in their lives. They abandoned their wives and their children. They ran away from the responsibilities that come along with How we are to live out our lives. I wonder if anyone ever explained to them the importance of considering, How they should live out their lives. Cloe is a mother whose husband forgot his role as a father (what) and abandoned his family, emotionally, physically and spiritually; all important factors in how a father and husband should act. But thatnkfully Cloe did not abandon her family. She is raising 8 children as best she can in some very difficult situations. She is an example of understanding that God has made her a mom and understanding how to live out that role.