“If we had your money, Vince, this is the last place we would be…. and I think, with my daily challenges, where I am, is the last place I want to be”

Life would be just so much better if….things would be so much better if….

This is a common theme from many of the women that we lend money to.

They believe that if they can just get enough money they will have all of their answers to their present and future problems resolved. Now making more money than $3 dollars a day will certainly help. In fact when you make that small of an amount, more will really help. But, “more will really help”, if it becomes your motto or mantra, will become a slippery slope to unhappiness, because more things will never bring prolonged external happiness or more important inner peace.

It is not the condition of the outside world that determines your peace within; it is the peace within that determines your outside world.

In order to find inner peace in the face of external chaos, you need to go searching, you need to mine deep into the soul, you need to make time for discovery.

This is the message I share with the poor women that we lend money to. If I only shared with them money, I would only be giving them half the answer and leading them on a slippery slope.

Spending quiet time with my buddy Ken Stouffer hiking in Minden.

Spending quiet time with my buddy Ken Stouffer hiking in Minden.