Juana Kings

Juana Kings Women's Story 1This months story is of 77 year old Juana Kings.  She is a widow with two adult children living in a small village.  Juana has received two loans from The Lending Journey thus far, and with her monies she has started her own business selling Avon products.  Her greatest sales are from the women in her very own congregation.  She also sells used clothing to those same sisters.  Because of her age, Juana is not able to work for a company, and she is ever grateful that God has provided her with the strength to run her own enterprise.  Recently she received a second loan which she has invested in orders for perfumes and body lotions.  Today she is blessed with large orders for her products and in her own words, she is “very happy because my business is growing step by step”.

In the past Juana’s grandson has been helping her with some of her expenses.  Because she is doing well in her sales she is now able to provide better for herself.  She is pleased that she is able to contribute some of her income to help at home and not feel like a burden to her family.

Juana would like to thank The Lending Journey for giving her the opportunity to work with them in becoming an entrepreneur in starting her own business.