Just a little bit more of… and then I’ll get started

In pursuing your dream or your calling what could be holding you back?  A good friend of mine who is a trainer/speaker commented that he has a number of people who just keep coming back to the same seminar he teaches.  They keep thinking that one more time through, or just a little bit more information, or just a little more of this or just a little more of that.  The big question when this process begins to occur is, “what unhealthy attachments are holding  you/me back from being all you could be?

Questions to ponder, things to consider.

  1. Am I afraid of failure (past/present/future)?
  2. Am I afraid of success?

  3. Am I afraid of the initial hardship to achieve my dream?

  4. Am I afraid of going it alone?

  5. Am I afraid of not having all of the answers?

  6. Am I afraid of the hard work that I will need to do?

  7. Are peoples opinion’s holding me back?

You may want to add to this list about what is holding you back or what are you attached to that is holding you back.

What to do next?

  1. Once you have done this set a meeting up with a trusted friend, who supports you in your dreams are talk through your thoughts.
  2. Set one short-term goal that you know is achievable.

  3. Have someone hold you accountable to a date to get this done.

  4. Begin to work on a game plan and strategy.

Blessings as you follow your dreams!