Maria de Jesus Sevilla



Maria de Jesus SevillaThere are many different reasons why one is in need of a loan, and for Maria de Jesus Sevilla it is because she is not able to work in a private company due to health issues.  Maria is married and lives in Santa Helena, Managua with her husband and 3 children.  She is 48 years old.

Maria’s husband has a part-time job but his income is not able to sustain their family.  Upon receiving a loan from The Lending Journey she has opened a grocery store in their home.  Her business has been profitable but what she is most grateful for is how it has changed her life at home and with her children.  She is now able to provide them with materials to study and is available for them when they need her.  This is a great blessing to her.

She has stocked her grocery store well and is hoping to apply yet again for new credit to expand her business.  Together with her husband they are now able to provide for their family.  She concludes her story by thanking the Lending Journey and praying God’s blessings upon it.