Maria Janeth Vallecillo

Maria Janeth Vallecillo StoryAt 46 years of age, Maria Janeth Vallecillo is, in her own words  “doing very well, earning a fabulous wage.”

Maria Janeth is married and has three children.  When The Lending Journey met with her she had a very small business of selling used clothing.  She was struggling alongside her husband to care for their family.  Upon approval of a loan, Maria Janeth expanded her business to selling groceries, perfumes from Avon as well as remaining in the business of selling the clothing.  She works from her home and has used her investment of the monies well.  She has shared with us that her quality of life is very different now and she is able to pay for her children’s education.  She is also able to carry all the expenses of her house.

Maria Janeth gives her thanks to God and was enthusiastic to share with The Lending Journey her achievements.  She has expressed her gratitude to this organization in the following words;  “Thank you brothers in Canada for helping me expand my business a little more.  Thank you for your support in believing in me and my business.  I am very appreciative!”

Maria Janeth Vallecillo #2 Story