Maria Lopez

Maria LopezThis month’s story is one of selfless determination.  Maria Lopez is a 70 year old widow living in Managua who has recently opened her own business that she may be independent of her own care.  She has three children who have their own families and it has become increasingly more difficult for them to support her needs and help with her expenses.  For this very reason she decided to open up a small  store.  She sells bread, eggs, soda and other grocery products as well as a variety of other items such as nail polish and other cosmetics.

Because of her age, Maria was not able to apply for credit through the banks.  Through The Lending Journey she has received a $200.00 loan.  Recently she was able to pay the loan off and has not had to ask for further help as she is now able to support herself through her grocery store.   Her business has grown and she is now self-sustaining.

In Maria’s words “By God’s grace and the help of these wonderful men in Canada and Nicaragua, I have been able to start my own business and become an entrepreneur.  They came to my humble home and offered me a way to support myself.  I was so grateful for the opportunity to apply for a loan, and was very appreciative when I was approved.  I want to tell other women that if you have the will and strength to work, with God’s help, you are able to succeed, no matter how old you are.”