Marta Tercero’s Story – August, 2014

Elliet - MartaHello, my name is Marta.  I live in Managua Rocargo.   I have been very blessed in receiving loans through The Lending Journey.  These loans have changed my life and the lives of my children.  When I was 46 years old I was abandoned by my husband to care for my two sons on my own.  I was desperate to support them and learned about the Lending Journey through a friend.   After filling out my application I was happy to hear that they were willing to help me out with monies to start my own business.  Today I run my own grocery store, and have had three cycles of loans which has helped me stock my store well.  I provide a good variety of meats, soft drinks and dairy products.

Through the profits of my grocery store I have been able to put my two sons through college and am able to cover our living expenses.  They have now almost completed their studies.  I am so thankful that there is an organization such as The Lending Journey.  There are many banks in Nicaragua, but none that would help me out as The Lending Journey did.

In Marta’s words  “I thank God that I can put my boys through college.  This will change their lives.  Thank you to the Manager and sponsors in Canada and the team in Nicaragua to help women who need a helping hand.”