These are some of the many photos we’ve taken in our work and our travels with The Lending Journey.

  • Our founder and his wife. Vince and Ramona Vetro have been committed to helping poor women in Nicaragua and Ecuador for over 15 years. It is not just about giving someone a fish, or teaching them to fish; it is about sitting and eating the fish with them. Vince and Ramona have eaten hundreds of meals in the homes of women they have lent money to and in the process have extended the size of thier family.
  • Our first loans were given to women who lived in rural arreas in Quito and Guayaquil Ecuador.
  • Signing all the appropriate paperwork to complete the loan process
  • many of the women are young single mothers without a socail network for support
  • Children are often direct recipients of us helping their mothers
  • Our work in rural areas in Guayaquil Ecuador
  • Our first recycle business
  • Washing machine rental business
  • Loan Recipient from Managuam Nicaragua

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