October 12, 2012  

Dear reader,

Hope you are having a great fall!  Our 2nd annual fundraiser was a great success.  Hope you enjoy the newsletter.



Our 2nd Annual Fundraiser
Over $10,000 Raised!
We would like to say a special thank you to all those who came out and supported us on September 22nd as we celebrated our second annual fundraiser.

A special thank you to those who gave at our Silent Auction and those who helped us out as corporate sponsors. 

It was exciting for me to have my mom and dad in attendance, my 3 older brothers, my 4 children and a slew of friends from church and the community.

I had an opportunity to introduce many to our Lending Journey Family overseas.  Through video presentations, live phone interviews and many pictures, we were given the opportunity to show the faces behind our work.

The Vetro Brothers Band
After many years in retirement The Vetro Brothers Band reunited and for those who stuck around we had a great latter part to our evening.

The Vetro Brothers perform at the annual fundraiser

Prayers of Support from Far Away
Many of our friends in Ecuador and Nicaragua were praying for this event. To our staff overseas every $300.00 check we send helps another woman get on her feet. Each loan represents the opportunity to begin a new life. So they were extremely excited to here about our success.

We have a new community in Nicaragua that we want to begin work in.  We have 4 groups (or 20 women) waiting for loans. I will be in Managua, Nicaragua in a few weeks and it will be exciting to hand out checks to these new friends. I will try to get pictures to you as soon as we hand out the checks.
Our Annual Review
Now the tough work begins. Every year around this time I visit our offices in Nicaragua and Ecuador. We review the number of loans that were given out over the previous year's activities. We look at our success rate from two different angles:

Financial: First we review the number of loans that were repaid 100%.  We look at the women we lent the money to and what were the characteristics that led to our success with them. We continue to review loans where the percentages repaid may not have been at a level that was acceptable to us. We look at the circumstances surrounding the loans that failed and try to ensure that we have learned from them.

Outreach: Secondly we look at the outreach side of our ministry. How many women were we able to support physically, emotionally and spiritually? How many women's lives were enriched by our support team? How many women did we pray with and share a meal with? These are all vitally important to us.

Annual meetings Guayaquil, Ecuador. Figuring our budgets for the next year and doing some vision casting.

Budgets: Then we get down to the tough work of working out the budgets for the new year. How do we meet the growing needs of new communities that have requested help? How do we continue with labour costs, office space costs etc. etc. etc.? Unfortunately, this never seems to get completed without a few tears and some real frustrations. But by God's grace and a real sense of purpose and vision we will continue to serve the widow, the orphan, the disenfranchised and those who are searching for real truth in life.

Maria's House
Construction continues on Maria's home that burned burned down a few months ago.
Our First Conference In Mount Sinai
On September 22nd America ran a one day seminar on running a small business. Half the day was training, half the day was bible study. Eight women made a commitment of faith!
Cloe is a two-time loan recipient. Her loan helps her feed her eight children 

Keep an eye out for Christmas opportunities
There are still many ladies living off the beaten path that need your help.  You may not have been able to attend our fundraiser but you can still support us at www.davidjonathan.ca

Keep your eyes open for a Christmas opportunity to
buy a woman a business! What a Christmas gift!