November 14, 2012  

Dear reader,

A little late getting the newsletter out this month.  With my travels to Nicaragua and Ecuador life has become a little hectic.  Hope you enjoy the newsletter and are having a wonderful November!




When I am being served I focus on "me." When I am serving I am focused on "we." We is never a lonely place to be.

I was reading in the book of Jeremiah how God had sent the Israelites into captivity in Babylon. He told them to go and serve the King of Babylon. It was a 70 year lesson in learning how to serve, so that when they were brought back to their home land they would understand what it meant to serve the true King.  


Serving is a big deal in the Christian life and it is with great pleasure that we serve God through our micro-finance. Each loan we give comes with a prayer and a commitment to become apart of the life of our borrowers. As you can see some are overcome with the opportunity presented to them.


Our friend Elena is overcome with emotion as she receives her loan cheque.
Women's Lending Journey Tour:

Carola, our director of fundraising had an opportunity to travel with me to Nicaragua last month to see how her time and effort are impacting the lives of women in Latin America.

We are planning a tour in the spring of 2013 and would love to have more women join us for this trip.

The last few days we will spend in the mountains relaxing and reflecting on the past weeks experiences. To inquire more contact me at [email protected]

A Picture Says It All!

When Carola and I interviewed a number of women a few weeks back it was so inspiring for us to hear how The Lending Journey is helping women get on their feet.  


What is always shocking is to hear the interest rates that they are paying in order to receive a loan. Teresa is smiling because she had been paying over 10% a month to a private micro-finance company before she found us!  



Moving Into Our New Office

With the growth we are experiencing we are hoping to move into an office in January. Our goal is to raise $4,200 dollars American to cover our costs for a full year.


We want to give our office in Managua a little help and take the burden of office expense off of them for the first year.  

We have already raised $1,000 dollars so have $3,200 to go.


If you would like to support this event it would be a great Christmas gift our Nicaraguan team.

Praying For Our Staff Just before we headed back to Canada a pastor friend dedicated our growing staff. Next to the pastor is our accountant, Ignacio. Next to Ignacio is our field rep, David. Next to David is our Lawyer Inta, (me), Eliett our director and Patricia our secretary.  

Keep an eye out for Christmas opportunities
There are still many ladies living off the beaten path that need your help.  You may not have been able to attend our fundraiser but you can still support us at

Keep your eyes open for a Christmas opportunity to
buy a woman a business! What a Christmas gift! 
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