APRIL 2013 

Dear reader,

We had a wonderful trip to Nicaragua! I hope these stories about our visit inspire you to join us for one of our future mission trips in South America. Nothing compares to seeing first-hand the conditions our friends are facing, as well as the many blessings we have been able to witness as we work with women to improve their lives and find healing.

Many thanks for your ongoing support and prayers!



A Time of Celebration:
People Over Profit

Businesswoman Anita Huggins spoke at the inauguration of our new building in Managua, Nicaragua.  


Anita shared with the women these six points:  

  • Be honest with yourself and with others 
  • Don't let circumstances change your outlook 
  • Keep learning and growing in your business 
  • Surround yourself with people who encourage and affirm you, and encourage those around you 
  • Each day is a new day. Mistakes are not failures. They are learning opportunities.  
  • In all things, trust God.    

A woman who had attended the event but was not a borrower approached Anita after her speech and said, "I came this morning looking for one thing, but as you were speaking it was as if God was speaking to me through you. You are not like so many of the other micro-financers...you really care about the people."


Anita speaking with inspired woman.


Anita and David visit with Katherine, one of our clothing retailers in the market.

Business in the market

Jamie Moody, President, Tree of Life


Jamie Moody, President of Tree of Life
One would be hard pressed to find a company with a stronger founding principle than Tree of Life Canada, a respected provider of specialty and natural foods with the largest sales force of its kind in the country.   

"Helping Canada Eat Well And Live Well," is our motto," says the company's president Jamie Moody. 

A big part of the company's mission is also to help the less fortunate. Among its various causes, Tree of Life Canada is an annual donor and cherished supporter to The Lending Journey.

"We have a charitable program called Tree of Life Cares," says Moody. "Part of its  mandate is that someone from our company must be involved in the charity we decide to sponsor."

In this case, that someone is Helen Pike, Director of Marketing for Tree of Life Canada who has also been on the board of The Lending Journey since 2010.  

"We are proud of the work Helen is doing," says Moody. "And providing loans to poor women entrepreneurs in Latin America so that they can start businesses and improve their lives really resonates with us as individuals and with our company's overall vision."

Great to hear that Tree of Life Canada also continues to grow with record sales year after year

You have not brought back the strays or searched for the lost... I will search for the lost and bring back the strays.  

Ezekiel 34 vs. 4, 16


I came across these verses during a time of reflection while I was in Managua in March. We were in the process, as a staff, looking at how our charity/NGO was reflecting our Christian values. We have heard many women say to us, "You are so different than other micro-finance charities, you care very much about the people." We really appreciate that and it affirms how we are living out our faith: "People over Profit."



In Ezekiel 34, God is challenging the leadership to reflect on how they have led. Two things stuck out to me in chapter 34:
  • What are you doing to keep the sheep on track  
  • What are you doing to reach out to the sheep that are lost.

The day-to-day management grind can drain the life out of remembering why we serve. Moving into our new office demanded the cleaning up of files, purchasing new desks, chairs, file cabinets and the setting up of a reception area and training area. And the meetings! Staff meetings, meetings with banks, meetings with lawyers and boards; I think you get my drift. 


All these things are vitally important to run a successful and prosperous charity/Micro-finance organization. But that is not what it is all about? It is about seizing the moment, taking every opportunity to pray for and encourage a sister in the faith who is discouraged or to lead a lost sheep to Christ. 


At our staff meeting, as we reviewed our core values, we again reaffirmed our commitment: encouraging the discouraged sheep and finding the lost.


Thank you again to all those who donated money to help us set up our new office and buy the much needed furniture to set up shop!






The home of a borrower
Pastor Manny

A group of preschoolers we support
in San Benito

Anita and Jahira



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