MAY 2013 

Have you ever felt invisible? In this recent picture sent to me, you see no men or women. There are no children running around nor are there the usual plethora of dogs roaming the streets. It appears that everyone is invisible.  


To be honest with you this is the way many of the women we lend money to feel, invisible.


They live in the back allyways of desert communities with no street signs, road markings or numbers on their houses. They strive to make enough money (about $2.00 a day) to feed their children and keep their home. Many have husbands or families who have abandoned them and abandonment just feeds their belief that they are invisible to the world.


But even though they do not have street signs and house numbers they do have names for their communities like, Prosperina, Mount Sinie, San Ignacio, San Benito and Santos Pamba.  


Community is a wonderful thing and it conquers invisibility.


I believe that is one of our roles at The Lending Journey, "WE PROVIDE COMMUNITY" to make those that feel invisible, visible. Even after we give a loan, we can see it in the eyes of the women we lend money too. They are thankful for the loans but they are even more thankful that someone has sought them out, found them and remembered them. They appreciate being made to feel visible!


I think we have all had times where we have felt invisible. Whether it is the businessman living on the road out of a suitcase, the teacher alone in her room after a long day with the kids, the dad driving home from a long day at work wondering at how crazy life is and does anyone recognize what he is doing. The mom, who after everyone leaves in the morning, (and no thank you provided for everything that she does) sits there alone and wonders am I invisible?


No, feeling invisible is not just for those who live on the back roads of obscurity.


If you do feel invisible today might I recommend taking the time to meet with someone in your community and allowing them the blessing of making you feel visible.


When you support our work, you may think that what you are doing is providing primarily a financial need. What you are really doing is helping us create community where there is no community and helping women and children feel visible.


In June and September of this year we want to provide you with an opportunity to help women and children in Ecuador and Nicaragua to feel visible.


On June 22nd we are having a 5K walk in the beaches of Toronto. Our board of directors, their wives and children and friends will be walking along the beach as Ash Bridges bay to raise money to support our women. We would love to have you join us, (check out our face book page for details) and would very much appreciate your support.


On Friday September 13th, we are having our first Annual Golf Tournament and would love to have you join us for the day. Mr. Chuck Ealey, former quarterback for the Hamilton Tigercats will be our speaker at dinner, so if you cannot make it to golf, we would love to see you at dinner.


We could also use help with hole sponsorships and door prizes for those who cannot be at the event but would like to help us out.



So again, let me first say thank you for your ongoing support and may I, on behalf of all those who no longer feel invisible say bless you and thank you.



Join us for our Board of Director's 5K Walk Challenge


Sat June 22, 2013


10:00 am start time

Ashbridge's Bay Park Toronto

Visit for details 
Join us for our Annual Golf Tournament  


September 13th

at Hornby Golf Club

ormer CFL Quarterback and Grey Cup Champ,
Chuck Ealey  
Visit for details 
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