AUGUST 2013 

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I know this is a little late, but, Better than never. Here is August's newsletter. I hope you find the article thought provoking and am always interested to hear how others are living out their commitment to serve a needy world! Enjoy the remainder of the summer and we will talk to you soon.




The Cost Intensifies the
Beauty of The Sacrifice

I was on a long walk a few weeks back and this thought came to mind as I was meditating. "The outer reaches of helping people in need, at times involves being hurt". What I mean is this; when you truly desire to help people and it is an intrinsic inspiration, you have to 'joyfully' be prepared to be hurt or inconvenienced.


We are quite fortunate as a micro-finance charity to have a loan repayment rate around the 90 percent mark. Five percent of our bad loans happen because women are in such dire straights that they cannot repay their loans, the other 5 percent are people who take advantage of us and never intended to repay in the first place.


I must confess that in the early days of our work this really bothered me, but to a much lesser degree today. Why? Because of the words a wise man once shared with me, "you don't know real charity until you have been taken advantage of on a number of occasions.

I think what both statements are asserting is this: "Real Helping" demands putting ourselves out there, allowing our personal lives to be invaded, allowing our personal lines of comfort to be moved.


Yes, the invasion comes at a premium price, don't most inspiring stories of sacrifice that we read?  What great things have you accomplished in your life that haven't involved a premium price? Think about it!


A couple of thoughts for you today:

How are you serving others?

How are you interpreting the cost or sacrifice?

Do you need to do some reframing?


I am convinced the longer I live, that the richest lives are those that involve personal sacrifice and that the cost intensifies the beauty of the sacrifice.

Our walk to raise money for
The Lending Journey


What a great day we had as family and friends of The Lending Journey came together to raise money for our a new venture we are developing in a community in Nicaragua called Monte Fresco. The event raised over $5,000.00!! This will help us pay for a staff member to work in the village and provide an initial 30 loans to get us started. A special thank you to Diana Bishop for organizing the event, our director of fundraising Carola Jaque and Louise Lalvani for getting the information out there through social media.










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