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I hope you enjoy this months newsletter. We have a couple of real neat stories from Nicaragua as well as some really cool stuff planned for 2014. 

One event that I am really pumped about is riding my bicycle from Costa Rica to Honduras along the PanAmerican highway to help raise funds so that we can provide more loans to men and women in need.



Overcoming Obstacles:  


I have a few stories that I want to share with you that will define our 2014 year and they all deal with how we overcome obstacles. I heard a great quote the other day from a journalist, who said, "Obstacles are inspirations", generally I know when to take on a story when there are some serious obstacles." Cool!



Stephano Snieder is a 24 year old shoemaker who works in one of the many outdoor markets in Managua City. He has been a shoemaker since he was 17 years old. Stephano came to us for a loan to expand his business. Here was the obstacle, Stephano's 7 year old son has a blood disease and often Stephano has to leave his kiosk to go to the hospital with Jeffery his son.


People in the market place warned us not to give a loan to Stephano, they said we would be crazy to lend him the money because he was a bad risk. "How can a poor man like this with a son in the hospital ever repay your loan?" We decided to give Stephano the loan in spite of the advice of the ladies. The ladies became very curious about us and wanted to inquire about our organization. They had a hard time believing that we were more than just a lending organization, that we really were concerned about the people. We also had an opportunity to share with them what our Latin America name stood for.


The Rest Of The Story...

Today Stephano is on his second loan with us. His son is still in and out of hospital and when they can Eliett or David go and visit with them. The ladies who thought we were crazy, now they are all new borrowers with us. Awesome! Sometimes we need to see beyond our fear and take a leap of faith.



Gloria Lumvi is a young single mom living in San Benito with stomach Cancer. Through a friend, Gloria heard about our charity. Gloria had been to a government micro finace program but did not qualify because of her cancer. Her friend told her that The David/Jonathan Project Of Nicaragua (our Nicaraguan name) was a different kind of micro finance organization. Gloria wanted $100.00 to purchase Avon products.


We were concerned about the loan and Gloria's ability to repay it but in faith we took a risk. Gloria repaid that first loan and has just qualified for a second loan.


The Rest Of The Story...

Women from Gloria's church had been praying for her that she would get a loan. When she reported back to them, they wanted to know more about this micro finance organization that would give money to sick people.


The women from Gloria's church came to our office to learn more about The DJ project. They wanted to know, "Can we bring more sick people to get loans?" David told them that we would do our best! One woman said to us, in her mind, people only give money if they can get something in return, more money. She said, "You people are very different." Again, sometimes we need to see beyond our fear and take a leap of faith.
Personal Update
In April of 2013 I sold my service business and am now working primarily with The Lending Journey. My business for the most part financed my ability to stay involved in the charity and was one of the main financers behind the charity. But it was time to move beyond fear and take a leap of faith and put more of my energies into The Lending Journey. I will be working closer with our people in Ecuador and Nicaragua helping them manage and develop work in the two countries. We are experiencing some real but exciting challenges in both countries. Fundraising will be one of my primary time investments for 2014. Carla Winter a friend of The Lending Journey, [email protected], will be helping me in this area. I want to share with you an exciting fundraising event for 2014.
Pedalling Against Poverty

"Moving From Fear To Faith: Overcoming Obstacles"


November 1st-10th, 2014


I will be riding my bicycle from the border of Honduras and Nicaragua to the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua.


Our Goal: To raise 100,000 Toonies


Explaining The Story:

Over the last 15 years I have had the opportunity to travel around the globe as a consultant and as the Executive Director of The Lending Journey. Throughout my travels, I've heard hundreds of stories about men and women who have moved beyond fear and, in faith, have overcome huge obstacles. In many ways my own personal challenges and life obstacles have mirrored that of my work overseas.


Starting in January of 2014 I will be looking for speaking opportunities that will allow me to share some of the numerous stories I have gathered about our borrowers and how they have overcome personal obstacles to change their lives. Interwoven in the telling of their stories, will be stories of my own life's challenges. Hopefully, by telling these stories, we will be able to inspire men and women both young and old, to persevere in overcoming the challenges in their lives.  


Our desire is that this will all culminate with the ride, Pedalling Against Poverty - "Moving From Fear To Faith Overcoming Obstacles" in November of 2014.


I leave for Nicaragua on Sunday, November 3rd to drive the route I will be cycling. I will have much to report back to you in our December newsletter about this next trip or you can follow my trip on our facebook page.


The success of any of the events we have done with The Lending Journey would never have been possible without the help of you, our friends and supporters.  And so I turn to you again and ask for your help and support with our November 2014 event. Here are some of the ways you can help:


1)    Follow our journey "Peddling Against Poverty" on our website (will be live soon)  

2)   Tell your friends to follow us as well

3)   Help us raise 100,00 Toonies

4)   Pray for us

5)   Help me find audiences, to share our story of men and women who have fought to overcome life's obstacles and in the process created a new life for themselves and their families

Our Only  
Christmas Wish

We have only one Christmas wish this year that we would like to share with you... 


For the last 3 years we have been using buses to manage our work in Nicaragua. Sometimes it takes Eliett and David over 2.5 hours just to get to one of the villages where we provide loans.    



Our Christmas wish this year is to raise $6,000.00 dollars to buy a used Suzuki 4X4 to shorten the length of time it takes us to get from one village to another.  


If you want to support Our 2014 Christmas wish you can go to our website and hit donate now. Look for Suzuki 4X4

Join us for our Annual Golf Tournament  


A Special thank you to all of those who participated in and supported us in our inaugural Hearts Open Golf tournament.   



We raised over $5,000.00 which I took to to Nicaragua last week to hand out to our newest loan recipients.


We had a great day of golf, dinner and inspiring stories form CFL legend Mr. Chuck Ealey. 



Check out more pictures on our facebook page. 

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