January 2014
Dear (Contact First Name),

I hope you had a great Christmas!  We are looking forward to a really exciting year with lots of adventure.

One event that I am really pumped about is riding my bicycle from Costa Rica to Honduras along the Pan American highway to help raise funds so that we can provide more loans to men and women in need.  I will be cycling with 10 different women we have given loans to.  

0ur "Pedaling Against Poverty" website should be up and running soon and I want to invite you to follow us on this incredible journey.



From Costa Rica to Honduras


I am not a cyclist, in fact I have really bad knees from years of football and jogging, but in November 2014 I will be riding my bicycle from the border of Costa Rica and Nicaragua to the border of Honduras and Nicaragua. It is a 10 day 500 km uphill ride through tropical forests with temperatures hovering around 35 degrees Celsius. On each of the days one mother we have lent money to will be riding with me. 


Our Goal: For every kilometer cycled we hope to raise funds for two micro finance loans. That would allow us to give out 1000 loans is 2015. 1000 lives changed.

The World is Full of Ordinary Heroes Doing Extraordinary Things  


Did you ever think that super heroes never give money when they want to solve a problem or save a life. When a super hero answers a distress call they give their everything, their life. Unfortunately, super heroes are not real, they don't exist. They are just a figment of someone's imagination. Fortunately, the world is full of ordinary heroes.These are men and women, boys and girls, who do extraordinary things with their time, talent and finances.


Solving world poverty will never be achieved with just money. Solving poverty demand our finances, our talents and our time. This is the message I have been sharing with schools as as I speak about our event 'Pedaling Against Poverty 2014'.

Why the Bike Ride?

Why the bike ride, why uphill and why in such extreme heat? These are all good questions and ones asked repeatedly by my good friend Mike Huggins.

Mike, myself and Eddie Davids were in Nicaragua in November scouting out the route we will be traveling in November.

The reason we are riding uphill is to show the struggle that women in third world countries face every day. Every day a single mother wakes up asking herself, how will I feed myself and my children, how do I get fresh water?How do I help my children get an education? List goes on and on.

To illustrate the struggle let me share a few statistics from Nicaragua with you:
  • Almost 40% of all homes are run by single mothers
  • These mothers earn less than $3 per day
  • In outlying rural areas single mother earn about $1 per day
  • I in 10 Nicaraguans have an education
  • In rural areas the average person has 2.1 years of education
  • Because of lack of money many rural children don't get breakfast



Participate in:

  • Euchre Tournament
  • Walk-a-Thon
  • Annual Golf Tournament
Help us:
  • Give towards our garage sales
  • Buy used office furniture
  • Consider volunteering 2-3 months
  • Share our story and open doors for schools for Vince to speak at
  • Talk to your company about becoming a Corporate Partner in the bike ride
  • Join Eddie Davids prayer team as they pray for our staff and borrowers on the ground in Nicaragua
  • Join Vince on a Lending Journey tour and be a part of encouraging a micro entrepreneur
  • Why not consider sponsoring a business ($300) and watch your donation change a families life
Don't forget to follow our pre-bike ride journey on our website. It should be live within 2 weeks,

Jessenia is an ordinary hero. She battled to leave a life of drugs and prostitution and now runs her own small clothing business.


Yahira (holding the baby) is an ordinary hero. Her parents gave her up as a small child and she became a slave to another family. She rose above.




Corina is an ordinary hero. She was abandoned by her husband and raised 8 children.

Walk or Golf with us in 2014
 Open Hearts Golf Tournament
Join us on September 20th for our second annual Open Hearts golf tournament

Walk-a- Thon

Join us on May 31st as we walk to raise awareness and funds for Pedaling Against Poverty

Astro Van Donated for Ride

Local automotive repair shop owner Rod Chang of TURNER AUTOMOTIVE donated an Astro Van to The Lending Journey. We will have the van delivered to Nicaragua for the beginning of the ride

In the Classroom
Vince speaking to youth about getting involved
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