The Lending Journey
April 11, 2014
Dear reader, 

Nicaraguan are on red alert

Thank you for praying for our brothers and sisters in Nicaragua.  Today at 2:15 another earthquake struck in the city of Granada, about 2 hrs south of Managua.  Thankfully the damage was more outside of the city and many lives were spared. (Thank God) The tremors were felt in Costa Rica and Honduras.
I finally got through to David and Eliett and they and their families are ok,  As far as we know all of our borrowers are ok.  David said that the meteorologists are very concerned because the weather patterns do not look good and they are telling the people to brace for another big quake.

Please continue to lift David and his family and Eliett and her family up in prayer. 
Most of our borrowers are in villages outside of Managua; Monte Fresco, San Benito and Sant Elaina as well as Managua.  Please pray that God would spare their lives and the lives of their children.




The Lending Journey