The Lending Journey
APRIL 14, 2014
Dear reader,

Last night 2 more earthquakes hit Nicaragua, both close to Managua.  The concern is that both came from the fault line close to Lake Nicaragua.  This is where the earthquakes centres were in 1972 when the country was decimated by an earthquake.
After a quiet Saturday and Sunday, the people are out in the streets again and sleeping in porches or on the street.

Praise report-David wedding went well without any problems.  He said is was a beautiful wedding with family and close friends.  He spent his honeymoon in the hotel lobby though-he said when they got to their room that night was when the earthquakes started and the hotel staff told all guests to come to the lobby.

Prayer Requests

Please pray that God would hold back from allowing mast destruction of this poor country.  It has still not recovered from the earthquake of 1972.  

Please pray that God would use these events to draw more people to Himself, that doubters would question their doubt and turn to him.

That God would use this to unify His splintered church in Nicaragua.

Please pray for David and his new bride Yerling.  They are a wonderful team committed to serving God through The Lending Journey.