MAY 2014
Dear reader 
Hope this update finds you well and that you are excited about the spring and all the wonderful things that come with the season.  So many things to share with you in this newsletter; our upcoming walk-a-thon happening in a few weeks, our second annual golf tournament, garage sales, our bike tree, etc.
I also want to share with you a great challenge we are facing right now.  I have been sharing with you about the earthquakes in Nicaragua over the last few weeks.  To date they have had over 400 tremors and you will see from the pictures the challenges people have been living under.  Schools and universities are still shutdown and there is no indication as to when they will open again.  The chaos has hit our borrowers quite hard because many of the markets where they sell their goods are closed.



People sleep in the streets for fear of another quake.

  For over two weeks now Managua has been experiencing severe earthquakes and tremors.  All schools have been shut down, people have left the city and many times after a tremor the markets will be empty.  People have been sleeping in the streets in fear of another earthquake and their houses caving in.
Many of our borrowers have been hit hard by these circumstances and it is affecting their ability to keep their businesses afloat.  This also hits us extremely hard in keeping us afloat financially.  We would really appreciate your generosity at this time.  If you would like to help us out please go to the website and hit Donate Now.  Let us know you want it to go to the Earthquake Relief.  

David, our administrator gets married! 


In the midst of the chaos of the recent earthquakes our Administrator in Nicaragua got married.  David's new bride is Yerling.  The earth was shaking as they made their vows and they spent their wedding night in the hotel lobby.  


The bicycle tree


We have created a bicycle tree at the front of our home.  This picture doesn't do it justice but there are many bikes hanging from the tree.  I have dedicated the ride in November to my mother and to the many mothers who are our unsung heroes; who have done the hard work of raising their children and keeping the homes together.  We are nailing notes, letters and poems to the tree.  Drop by and attach a note for your mom on the tree or send us a story about your mom and we will attach it for you.




Fatima's Story




My name Fatima and i have a little business of vegatables and fruits.  I travel to the North once a week at 5 pam to buy fresh vegetables and fruits since they are cheap there.  I gain more money when I sell this way.  

I sell bananas, cabbages, lemons; plus I also sell plastic cups.


I have 5 children and I live in Managua.  My children are 11, 15, 18,  20, 24.




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Buildings collapse and after two weeks schools still closed 


Over 400 tremors have been felt in the last two weeks.
 2nd Annual Hearts Open Golf Tournament  



Come Join us on September 12th at Hornby Glen for our 2nd annual golf tournament


2nd Annual Walk-a-thon



Join us on Saturday June 7th at the Gellert Centre in Georgetown.  See website for details


Mr. Wayne McDaniel

  Wayne is riding with us in November.  Wayne is from Kansas. We are now truly an international ride

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