Overactivity is violence to the soul, stillness is sweet

Last March I took three days off and went on a retreat.  My good friends  Scot and Barb offered me their cabin in the woods.  It was a great three days of reflection.  My good buddy Ken Stouffer and I at least once a year take off and get away to place in Mindin.  In amidst the conversation there is quiet time of reflection.

We move towards insight and discovery as we slow life down, look and listen.   This is one of the ways that you will connect with your purpose and passion.

My good friend John Cutts was telling me a story one night while we were in the jungles of Indonesia.  He said that there was a wise chief in a village who seemed to know quite a bit about what was going on in various villages around his.  He seemed to be in the know about how people were thinking and what different villages were up to, where people were moving…. John told me that he had asked the chief,  “where do you get this wisdom and knowledge from?”  The chief replied,  “I travel to where two roads meet, and their I plant myself.   I sit and I watch and  I ask many questions of the different people who pass by.

Today, if you are having trouble connecting with your purpose, understanding your passion or questioning belief in what you are doing, Take time to slowing down, be quiet, connect with your faith, be still.  Overactivity is violence to the soul, stillness is sweet.