“Real security means knowing there is no security, because then you will make sure you live every day of your life to the fullest.”

I have been sharing regarding different things that hold us back from allowing  dreams to ferment and become a reality.  Today I want to talk about the illusion of security.

Many years ago a close colleague questioned me about selling a successful business I had created.  I was 32, no debt, junior partners working with me, a recognized leader amongst my peers in North America.

He wanted to know why I would throw away all that security to pursue a dream of something better something different.

First of all security is an illusion, job loss, marital failure, bankruptsy and a number of other life situations clearly show that nothing is secure. Real security comes when you recognize there is no such thing as security.

Secondly, is financial security really worth the cost of living out your dream or purpose?

Answer: “Don’t let less money let you compromise on what you love to do. What you excel in will definitely bring you that very prosperity and security you need.  Maybe the start will be small, but as one achieves perfection in what you are doing, everything else will follow.”

Thirdly, keep material assets in their place;  Material assets grow old, break down, and eventually wither away. But living a dream, living your purpose and passion will never grow old or wither away.