Real superheroes are ordinary people attempting extraordinary tasks

I spoke at an elementary school today and had an opportunity to talk about Super Heroes. I asked the children what they loved about their favourite superheroes. They said, “They help people who are in distress and they save people who are lost.”

If this is the case then there are a lot of “human” superheroes out there doing extraordinary things.

There is a verse in the Bible that I really love. It is Acts 4:13 — Peter is a human superhero — he astounds intellects and would be accusers with the courage and boldness of his speech. They also recognized that he was just an ordinary, uneducated, run-of-the-mill guy.

So what is “the stuff” of human superheroes? What allows them to be bold and courageous? I believe it is faith, faith in something bigger than themselves.

Pedalling Against Poverty is a huge initiative, attempting to accomplish something that is bold and courageous and accomplishable because of faith!