The road to Nicaragua

Well, we’re two days (and a swiftly decreasing number of minutes and seconds, as you can see) away from the start of Pedal Against Poverty.

Across the GTA and far beyond, people are getting ready to travel (well, some of us are getting ready to get ready), and in Nicaragua, I’m sure, the same flurry of activity is taking place.

First off, thanks so very much to all of our supporters! So far we have met more than our initial goal, and are closing in on the overall goal. It’s wonderful that we can meet with the people knowing we can do more because of what’s already come in. And the early campaign has opened up new possibilities for deeper involvement with the communities we’re in. We’ll be exploring avenues of development based on the successful work they’ve done with the loans already provided. More on that later.

For those of you still waiting to participate by donating, it’s never too late. Just click here.
But before we start, I thought I’d share with you something that we didn’t show Vince and the rest of the bicyclists while developing the website. They’ve seen the GPS map that tracks donations and will track our progress starting Sunday, but we didn’t show them this, the topographical view of the route:


The topography of the route we will be taking.


The route is mapped here from left to right, or south to north. The sharp peaky bits, around kilometres 90 and 250, should be interesting. Of course by then, after a few days of 30 plus degrees exercise, Vince will be in fine shape. I sure hope the support vehicles can climb those hills. We’ll let you know.