So if it is not about me, what is it about?

One step in accepting the struggle of life is to recognize that there are no alternatives.  No-one can avoid the struggle or protect themselves from it.  You can chase every concept invented by man in your search for protection from it but, eventually these ideas or systems will let you down.

I am not advocating that in all of life’s experiences we should go searching for the struggle; we definitely don’t need to do this because struggle finds us on its own without our help.  What I am advocating is a healthy understanding of how to embrace this struggle.

Having said this, I want to introduce another idea concerning the “How” to  embracing the struggle, and it involves taking the emphasis off of me.  I have often found myself saying, “Why is this happening to me?,” or better yet “Why is this always happening to me?”  Most often I am not asking a question but making a statement implying that bad things shouldn’t happen to me. If I follow this thought process then I will most definitely attempt to avoid struggling. Making it about me is dangerous on many different levels and some of these I will chat about later.

So here are a few steps to overcome making it about me/you.

Step 1

So if it is not about me, what is it about?  (This is an excellent place to begin- Start by asking the right question.)

Step 2

Stop asking the “Why,” as a statement and embrace the “Why,” as a question. “Why am I going through this….?

Step 3

What can I or am I supposed to learn from this particular struggle?