Sometimes we need to unlearn the past in the present to move forward into a better future

We have looked at a number of things that may be holding you back from making a dream or passion or perfect job a reality.

One new item that I want to share with you is to consider that you may need to “unlearn” some things from your past.  We are great at putting ourselves down, remembering all of the things that we didn’t do so well, some of the learning experiences that we may have called failures.

How do we unlearn?

  1. Begin to question your assumptions about yourself — where are they coming from?

  2. List the assumptions and write them down — try to categorize them.

  3. See if there are any common threads.

  4. Reject those assumptions that you know not to be true.

  5. With those you are not sure of, meet with a close friend and ask their opinions.

  6. Begin to replace bad thinking about your past that characterizes your present and let it lead to a better future.