Worry about the future immobilizes the present

As I have mentioned the primary reason for blogging over the next 11 months is to share my thought and feelings about my cycling trip (November 2014) in Nicaragua.  I am so excited about the dream of what could happen as a result of the success of this mission- 1,000 new micro loans for 1,000 women.

The challenge with implementing a future dream are the difficulties and the issues that arise on the way.  So many details, so many people to involve, so much help needed, so many questions unanswered, so many detailed left hanging, so many no’s when you need to hear yeses.  These issues seem to impact the roller coaster of emotions.

Not sure if any of you out there feel the same way as I do, so  here is what I am doing to stay focussed on making the  future dream a reality:

  1. I am dealing with one action a day to accomplish-If I worry about everything all at once I am to overwhelmed to proceed
  2. I rely on mental pictures of past successes (daily) to propel me forward-I visualize one or two things I have done well or accomplished and allow them to be the fuel of confidence for present challenges.

  3. I recognize that what I am doing is practising and cultivating the art of faith-believing in something I can not see, touch, taste or feel.

What I love about faith is that it gives me the ability to imagine and dream.